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"I like working with Jutta because she has fun choices of games and exercises every time we work.  I look forward to seeing Jutta every week. Waking up the bear is my favorite!" Fiona, 12 years

"I was a skeptic at first but in just a few months Jutta has engaged Fiona in a way that has had a profound effect on her self confidence and her ability to navigate social challenges in school.  Jutta's optimism and tenacity as she creatively uncovers keys to Fiona's potential provides consistent inspiration not only for Fiona but for me as her parent." Fiona's mom

"We are parents of a little girl who suffered a brain injury as an infant. Feldenkrais has helped my baby's movements became more light and natural. The guidance and flexibility that Jutta provides us has been contributing to a better outcome from the treatment. We recommend her work." Luciana and Rodrigo

"I've been lucky to benefit from Jutta's expertise for several one-on-one sessions and I couldn't be more happier. As a busy mom of 2 you don't necessarily think about your posture especially when it comes to put those babies down for sleep (I used to hold them A LOT!). Due to that, I had shoulder pain that Jutta took care of in 1 session and my hip problem is 90% solved as well. She is amazing and her knowledge about the Feldenkrais method and body is amazing. I love that I found a solution that is very gentle, effortless and durable rather than going to the Chiropractor every other month. Jutta is open-minded and bring creative answers to your issues, whatever they are. I keep her in mind for my kids too. " Juliette, photographer and mom

Jutta's knowledge of the integrated functioning of our muscles and skeleton is vast . You feel this deep knowledge as she works with you. She puts it in such simple terms that make it all seem so obvious - what connects to what in the body you have been using so inaccurately for years. The important core muscles have names (psoas, gluteal). I didn't even know I had these muscles, much less what they were called! She makes them real and I was able to imagine them in action. 

Working with Jutta has greatly improved my walking, standing and moving about in the simple tasks of the day. I am mindful of them today.  As I have aged, it is so reassuring and surprising that this awareness can come back to one. 


For a long time I had difficulty with arm movement doing a crawl stroke while swimming. I can now do this stroke easily after classes with Jutta. Bill, adult literacy teacher 

The Feldenkrais method has taught me different and easier ways to move my body; and also how different parts of the body connect with each other.  Yutta, our instructor, is a very patient, tolerant and understanding instructor who really encourages me in more fluid body movement. Desiree, retiree and traveler

We so much appreciate your expertise and knowledge in occupational therapy. You are patient, kind and thoughtful. We truly enjoyed our therapy sessions with you. And you are very creative. Thank you so much for your help. You are a great therapist. Collis, retiree, churchvolunteer and stroke survivor

My name is Bob.  I'm a retired linguist who needed some plan to put life in my aging muscles.  I saw an e-mail on our local listserve about an upcoming Feldenkrais class and decided to give it a try.  I talked my wife into attending the first class, and we were hooked.  Jutta is a wonderful teacher.  She takes us through various gentle motions designed to unlock muscles that have been long neglected and give us a wider range of motion.  I have learned many movements that help me in my everyday activities including walking, gardening, and even turning my head to look for nearby vehicles while I'm driving.  I highly recommend these classes; I'm signing up for another class this week.

Jutta Brettschneider is in love with the Feldenkrais work, and with good reason. Look at how she stands and moves, and you can see how she has benefited from its explorations herself. Her enthusiasm is one she loves to share, and she is a caring teacher. She also is an entrancing practitioner of the one-on-one work, a practitioner whose touch shows great respect for the other person. –David, Master Electrician

Jutta is a great Feldenfrais teacher.  In addition to teaching me the calming ways to stretch and relax, she accomplished in one hour one movement that no other person could do for me in 30 years. I look forward to using my increased mobility when I go swimming. - Sarah, brain hemorrhage survivor and full time professional

 I am a senior citizen whose main physical activity is walking.   Feldenkrais has reminded me of the power of the brain to coax the body to do new things.  I believe it has given me new flexibility in movement.  Did I mention it is fun?Jutta has made me feel comfortable in class. Anne, career counselor

Jutta embodies and conveys through her lessons the deepest teachings of this subtle and powerful method.  Chief among them, that it is always within our power to change the quality with which we live and move.  That feeling ourselves from the inside out helps us to see much more clearly the world and those in it from the outside in. Deborah, librarian and yoga teacher 

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