What is telehealth?

It is the application of evaluative, consultative, preventative, and therapeutic services delivered through telecommunication and information technologies. With Covid 19 and the need to socially distance, insurance companies and lawmakers have supported and authorized telehealth therapy. Most of you and us therapists would not be able to continue services without telehealth.

We are communicating in real time via a secured, encrypted online platform using your computer, tablet or smart phone. You will meet with me in the safety and privacy of your own home environment. You will receive the same customized service and attention that you would experience in the physical office space.

Before we have our first telehealth session, I will send you a consent form to sign.

Some history: Occupational therapy practitioners have used telehealth already since several years to provide services at a location that is physically distant from the client, thus allowing for services to occur where the client lives, works, and plays, if that is needed or desired. Occupational therapy practitioners have been using telehealth as a service delivery model to assist clients to develop skills, incorporate assistive technology and adaptive techniques, modify work, home, or school environments, and create health-promoting habits and routines

Sources and more information: The American Occupational Therapy association AOTA  has published a position paper on the use of tele-health in OT (click here). In Maryland, telehealth is an approved service (click here). The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has published a statement (click here)