Welcome to The Movement Clinic.  I am delighted to share some words about my philosophy with you.

I have worked in the social and health sector for more than 35 years with people of all ages and lifestyles. Their life challenges have taught me that health and wellness are not so much a thing to have, but a state of being where we are connected with ourselves - our thinking, feeling, sensing and moving. Feldenkrais called these connections the aspects of our daily action. He also emphasized that working on them is a process and once we begin, things are changing for the better.

For me, the sunflower is a good example of this process. There is barely a sunflower that grows up straight. Many of them curve in funny ways, but still, they orient themselves to the light. And they balance their most beautiful but heavy head with elegance...

Often in medical and rehabilitation work, clients get asked about their deficits and then therapy works on the problematic areas with the goal to repair them. Stroke survivors come to me and want their arm fixed or people with arthritis want their fingers straightened and for the pain to disappear. I wish I could promise such immediate results. Life would be a lot easier - until the next stroke or the next arthritic flair up.

In my work, I invite clients to start from a place of ability rather than disability. We work with the movement you are capable of and from there you begin to move with awareness. Often, this are small steps - listening and exploring simple movements rather than generalized exercises. You will find that not only you improved the functional use of your affected body part, but feel more alive altogether. You might start other changes in your life and enjoy overall more quality of life.  

Some clients have dared to take trips that they thought they previously thought would be impossible given traumata like stroke and other life-changing injuries.

People who live with arthritis or other chronic challenges of their functional skills, report that moving mentally away from the dysfunctional body part - like an aching knee - and learning how to include other muscles, and how to engage and relax their body, helps them move more efficiently and feel much more energy and vitality.

People with chronic back pain tell me how discovering a better ergonomic use of their bodies has increased their overall efficiency. They also find that they can deal with the pain if it flares up again.

The most precious pearl that I have gained from the Feldenkrais method that there are many possible solutions to one problem. Our movement, thinking, feeling and sensing can work together with precision so we move in the most efficient and easy direction to improve overall function.

This work builds on the dignity of each individual and truly contributes to making the world a better place for everybody, regardless of age, income, or physical features. 

I am a part of the international Feldenkrais community and have plenty of interesting colleagues with a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We eagerly share our diverse of approaches with each other.

I have already pioneered the use of Feldenkrais in the field of occupational therapy as I’ve worked in outpatient rehabilitation in Prince George's county, MD. I deeply enjoy teaching classes and workshops in our community, and have been teaching workshops at Howard University in Washington DC as well as overseas.

Now are you curious?

Come to a community workshop or class, book an individual session or invite me for a customized workshop at your place.