I am Jutta [speak: Yutah] Brettschneider and for more than 35 years, I have been working creatively in collaboration with toddlers, children, adults and seniors with various physical and cognitive abilities to improve their quality of life.

Having worked in the USA, Israel, Palestine and Germany, I have met wonderful people of all ages and backgrounds.

They have enriched my life in so many ways.

Making connections with humans and help finding the missing pieces in life's puzzle makes every day unique.

Working with children with special needs and witnessing their discoveries and movement skills is maybe the most rewarding experience in my work.

My other passion is to be in nature and you easily find me there, alone or on one of my guided walks.  

 In Occupational Therapy (OT), I completed my undergraduate studies in Germany and my Advanced Master of Science in the USA, researching how to make therapy services better accessible to trauma survivors In Feldenkrais, I completed a four-year training in Israel and conducted a case study with a 97 old student as my graduation project. I continue attending trainings in the USA and overseas to refine my practice. I am an adjunct faculty member at Howard University in Washington, DC and have given lectures and workshops at national and international conferences for last 15 years. Before I founded my practice, I had worked in a variety of inpatient and outpatient and community settings and became a specialist in neuro-rehabilitation. My experiences as mentor and with mothers and children in shelters from my first Masters degree also influence my approach with you today. Recently, I published an article on GLBT health. In my time off, I love to make music, go kayaking , hiking and swimming, read and write, be with my family and friends and also just "be".  I am looking forward to meeting you in the Movement Clinic!