individual Feldenkrais lessons

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A Gift Certificate for ________________


For an individual “Functional Integration®”

Feldenkrais® Lesson

 valid until ________ ( 6 months from purchase)


What do you get: a 60 min hands-on Feldenkrais lesson

Where: 7100 Baltimore Ave, Suite 207, College Park MD 20740

Who does it: The Movement Clinic/ Jutta Brettschneider MS OTR/L and GCFP

Contact: or call 240 328 8415


The Feldenkrais® method helps you to improve awareness and the quality of your movements, balance and posture; to explore and organize yourself more efficiently; and to learn to move with joy, ease and less pain.

For decades, dancers, actors, athletes have used this work to perform more efficiently. People with back, shoulder and neck strains learned how to get rid of unhelpful habits and improve their posture.

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