This means: you will learn a lot about your actions and your body, as well as your thinking and your daily habits: ordinarily, we learn just enough to function. For example, we learn to use our hands well enough to eat, our legs well enough to walk. Our abilities to function with a greater range of ease and skill, however, remain to be developed. The Feldenkrais® method teaches—through movement—how we can improve our capabilities to function in our daily lives.

Feldenkrais® works with the newest neuroplasticity research (click here), motor-learning (click here)  research and the joy of movement. You will refine your kinesthetic sense and sensory awareness using gentle movements, attention and your natural intelligence. It is well known among athletes, actors, dancers and musicians, who substantially improve their performance skills and prevent repetitive stress injuries with this work. Feldenkrais® is an insurance accredited method of Neuro-muscular Reeducation  and is used within physical or occupational therapy services bylicensed Feldenkrais® practitioners to help persons with orthopedic or neurological problems.