Functional Integration® (FI)

This is an individual hands-on lesson where  I guide you or your child slowly and gently through movements. You are fully dressed and lying on a table, sitting , or standing. 

You will learn about your movement habits in a profound way and you will experience relief from tightness, pain and discomfort and discover how to move in a better organized fashion. Click here to learn more about the current research supporting somatic learning.

Children with special needs will discover how to move more skillfully, increase their repertoire of variations and learn and develop with joy.

The sessions last about 60 minutes for adults and 30-50 min for children.


In the Movement Clinic studio: US $ 80 – US $ 100

package of three: $ 230 - 290; package of 5: $ 380 - 480

Home visits:  US$ 120

All fees are sliding scale based on income. I am open to offer discounts in hardship situations.