Ready for a taste?  This is a 3 minute sample:

  1. Sit on the edge of your chair with both feet flat on the floor; Keep your knees hip-width apart and rest your hands on your thighs.

  2. Breath in. Breath out.

  3. Your test movement: Look to the right, as far as you can turn without any strain. Mark the spot on the wall that you are facing now, turned to the right. Return to the middle. Breath.

  4. Now turn to the right but keep your eyes facing front (your eyes are not moving, just your head). Come back, repeat 4-5 times.

  5. Repeat the test movement, turning eyes and head to the right: did you turn further than before? Breath.

  6. Turn again to your right, but this time keep your face and eyes facing front (just move your shoulders and upper body but not your head). Come back, repeat 4-5 times. Breath. Rest for a few seconds.

  7. Move your left knee forward. You will feel your pelvis shift on the chair. Come back, repeat 4-5 times.

  8. Now bring your left knee forward and look to the right as you did in the very beginning with your test movement. Can you turn further without strain? Do you feel more of yourself involved in the act of turning? Stand up and sense how you are standing on the floor.

You are welcome to repeat steps 1-8 on your left side!