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Tuesdays at 6.15pm in Yoga Space: Awareness Though Movement® Class

Next class in summer series starts on June 26 th at 6;15 pm again!

Awareness through Movement: gentle movements guided with words to help you get better organized, improve balance and learn how to move that it feels right to you

Good for whom: anybody who likes to improve the quality of their movement

anybody who likes to get rid of unhealthy patterns and habits that lead to pain and strain (neck, back, sciatica etc.)

Where: Yoga Space 4206 Gallatin Street, Hyattsville MD 20781

Fee: $ 100 for 1o classes or $ 15 for drop in

Registration:  and at the yoga space website

Please also stay tuned for two upcoming workshops

 easier seeing and vision and eye health 

and a follow up workshop on

 how to relax your jaw! 
Dates will be announced end of June! 

Bones for Life® - Postural training

 Stay tuned for an autumn workshop

Bones for Life® - Postural training from the inside out.

This class gets your bones strong and sturdy while improving balance and coordination. Bones for Life is a variation of Feldenkrais where we emphasize weight-bearing movements in safe and playful ways. Learning from cultures where people carry often heavy loads on their heads and still are less likely to brake bones, we will use simple tools that facilitate controlled resistance to pressure, like using a strip of cloth as a harness, pushing a wall, or lifting weights in a new way. This class is beneficial for anybody who would like to improve her or his posture, osteoporosis, neck or back pain, joint challenges, compromised balance, and regain energy. More information under  or call me:

Jutta Brettschneider MS OTR and GCFP, Tel: 240 328 8415

Available all year round:

Give a  gift certificate for an Awareness Through Movement class, both available as single class voucher or a class pass or give a gift certificate for an individual Feldenkrais lesson

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